Visit our relaxing spa

 We are continuing to develop our modern hospitality offering. Enjoy bathing and bubbles in both indoor and outdoor pools and relax in our soft sauna or steam sauna. Savour a soothing footbath or book in for a spa treatment! Contact us if you have any questions, or to book your spa visit.

Spa Package

See all our spa packages, where both dinner and overnight are included. Fr. SEK 1495 / person

 Spa package

Day spa

A stay just over the day? Everyday luxury or weekend relaxation, you choose. Fr. SEK 345 :- /person

 Day spa


Here you will find our opening hours, temporary offers and rules in the spa.

 Information spa


See our beutiful spa environments.


Spa treatments

Enjoy your spa stay with a wonderful treatment. Fr. SEK 99 /treatment

 Treatment menu