This week's lunch w.47

Slow-cooked lamb
Parsnip, roasted garlic and rosemary: SEK 165

Tempered egg 63°C
Cauliflowerpuré, lentils, sprouts and pears : SEK 165

Fish and Chips
Pike-perch, French fries, green peapuré and maltvineger : SEK 225

Green kalesoup
Seared scallop and eggyolkcream : SEK 165

Scanian eggcake
Porkbelly and lingonberries: SEK 165

"Italian salad"
Parmaham, fennel, artichoke, grilled peppers and parmesancheese : SEK 165


To days dessert: SEK 75
Valrhona chokladpralin : SEK 15/ea

Breakfast buffet

Our wonderful breakfast buffet is served on weekdays 06:30-10:00 and at weekends 07:30-10:00, and costs SEK 85.

This week's lunch

Lunch is served 11:30-14:00. Salad buffet, home made bread, beverage and coffee included.


Evening menu

Weekdays from 14:00 and at weekends from 12:00 we serve our evening menu.