Evening menu w.12

Nuts and olives  SEK 45
Coldcuts  SEK 95
"Gästis" Prosecco  SEK 75
"Gästis" Gin and Tonic  SEK 120

Small dishes

"Creamy shrimp toast"
Ryebread  SEK 115

Cured salmon
Mustard sauce & ryebread  SEK 105

Bleak roe
"Hash browns" with red onion & sourcream  SEK 135

Main dishes

Avocado, padrones, grilled sallad & salsa verde  SEK 245

Leeks, smoked freshcheese & musselbroth  SEK 225

Vegetarian option
Ask your waiter  SEK 165

"Gästis" Hamburger
French fries, beer-cooked onion, coleslaw & cheddar  SEK 165

"Fish and Chips"
Remoulade & french fries  SEK 165

House classics

Scanian Eggcake
Porkbelly, Lingonberries & chives  SEK 165

Brined Porkbelly
Onionvelouté, lingonberries & potatoes  SEK 145

Cured salmon
Dillstewed potatoes & dill-oil  SEK 195

Swedish hash
Fried eggs & beetroots  SEK 145

Sweet dishes

"Baba au rhum" browned butter ice-cream & almonds  SEK 95
Homemade ice-cream  SEK 65
Praline, Valrhona  SEK 15

Please feel free to talk with our knowledgeable staff about allergies or any other questions you may have about the content of this menu.

Breakfast buffet

Our wonderful breakfast buffet is served on weekdays 06:30-10:00 and at weekends 07:30-10:00, and costs SEK 105.

This week's lunch

Lunch is served 11:30-14:00. Salad buffet, home made bread, beverage and coffee included.


Evening menu

Weekdays from 14:00 and at weekends from 12:00 we serve our evening menu.